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The City of Camas is currently working on an interactive engagement site designed to give our community an opportunity to ask questions, get involved and be engaged with your government!  As this site is in design, we want to take an opportunity now to answer questions asked during council meetings or submitted through the publiccomments@cityofcamas.us email.

City Council meeting Public Comment Followup Video 05/28/2020: Mayor Barry filmed a video to address some of the recent questions asked at City Council Meetings. *at 3:22 and 12:18 Mayor Barry mentioned North Shore but should have said Legacy Lands.


Previously asked reconsideration of your decision deferring Downtown planning to the North Shore. There has been no response?(04/20/2020)

ANSWER: The city has heard the concern and continues to support the downtown as well as all of Camas.  Under the Mayor's Civil Emergency Proclamation and the additional supplemental to the proclamation ratified by Council on April 20, 2020, the City of Camas is currently moving forward with essential projects. Sub area planning is not mandatory (essential to our current COVID-19 situation) and no subarea plans will be moving forward or considered during this civil emergency.  Consideration of additional or expanded sub area planning will not occur in 2020 and would need to be budgeted in 2021.  Property owners do play a significant role in the Planning process and property rights of landowners must be protected from arbitrary and discriminatory actions(RCW 36.70A.020(6)). (Phil Bourquin, Community Development Director)

Legacy Lands - Protecting the North Shore Backdrop - The City’s North Shore Legacy Lands project is a 30-year initiative focused on establishing a fully connected recreation and conservation corridor around Lacamas Lake.

Legacy Lands - Project Update April 3, 2020

Video Update: Mayor Discusses Financial Status and Capital Project Updates

Do you, our strong mayor with a focus on land, plan to do any work to strengthen those legacy lands protections with strong teeth? (04/20/2020)

ANSWER: The City currently has no plans for converting the land to anything other than recreational opportunities.  (Phil Bourquin, Community Development Director)

Why did the Purchase and Sale Agreements need to be finalized April 6 - Why Now? (04/06/2020)

ANSWER: The timing of finalizing the last acquisitions is based on the terms of the purchase and sales agreements and cannot be postponed without penalty and threat of losing the property. (Jerry Acheson, Parks & Recreation Manager) 

Why did we pay more than the Clark County assessed value from two years ago?(04/06/2020)

ANSWER: The City of Camas paid less than market value as established by a professional appraisal. (Jerry Acheson, Parks & Recreation Manager)

Response to email with questions regarding some of the graphics used for the Legacy Lands acquisition (04/06/2020)

City of Camas Legacy Land Maps showing Property #1 & #2 

ANSWER:Property #1 is not an approved development plan (subdivision, PRD or other). It was from a developer negotiating to purchase the property. It shows what the developer was interested in and what possibly could be developed under the current land use plan, the Comprehensive Plan and zoning. Property #2 is a preliminary approved plat for the CJ Dens subdivision, which went through the entitlement process in 2014 and still maintains vested approvals. Utilities are available in Leadbetter and by the School District’s property on NE 232nd. Any land within the Northshore area can develop their land if they choose to since those lands are within the city limits and have zoning designations assigned to them. (Robert Maul, Planning Manager)

Support Legacy Lands but wonder if the costs are too high.  (04/06/2020)

Why is the 50 acre property that we are buying an essential purchase, and why so much when it was appraised at 1.6m two years ago? (04/06/2020)

ANSWER: The Rose Property increased in value – please see below the information from the Assessor’s Office. I’ve reached out to the Residential appraisal section and current use.  From what I can tell by reviewing the property in the system (I’m not an appraiser) the property was revalued in 2019.  Physical revaluation is done on 1/6th of the county every year to comply with state law.  The market value was updated based on current market factors and highest and best use of the property.  It is not uncommon for there to be large jumps in value due to revaluation.  It is a total recalculation of value done once every six years, and not a statistical trend from one year to the next. The changes were made to market value, however, the property is still in the current use tax deferral program.  From what I can see on the Property Information Center the 2020 tax bill is about $260.00.  Taxable value was not altered, only market value due to the recent revaluation. The City is required to purchase property at market value the appraisal was much higher than the purchase price the City paid. The lower price was at the seller’s request. (Cathy Huber Nickerson, Finance Director)

Does it infer the inevitability of the City approving urban uses in North Shore? (04/06/2020)

ANSWER: No. (Phil Bourquin, Community Development Director)

Did inclusion of the maps validate real estate perception of urbanization?(04/06/2020)

ANSWER: Not known. (Phil Bourquin, Community Development Director)

What is the status of the Urban Forestry Commission? (04/20/2020)

ANSWER: Under the Mayor's Civil Emergency Proclamation and the additional supplemental to the proclamation ratified by Council on April 20, 2020, the City of Camas is currently not moving forward in expanding programs including creation of new committees, boards, commissions or hiring of additional Staff.  We look forward to the time the civil emergency before us is over. Only then can we as a city begin to discuss priorities for changing service levels, and perhaps fund an Urban Forestry position to lead the way on this important topic. (Phil Bourquin, Community Development Director)

Do citizens have access to the parks? Need clarification about park access. What parks are open in City area and

Lacamas Park status? (04/06/2020)


    • Trails & Green Spaces OPEN – See them all on this map: bit.ly/39QaUQN .Share the trail and warn others of your presence as you pass.
    • Park Facilities CLOSED – This includes sports fields, sports courts, tennis courts, picnic shelters & restrooms.
    • Park Parking Lots & Trailhead Parking Lots CLOSED – Walk or bike to a trail in your area or get out and about near your home.
    • Lacamas Park @ Round Lake – This County-run park has an OPEN parking lot & trails but a CLOSED play structure & restroom. See updates here: bit.ly/39SA69r
    • Facilities & Rentals CLOSED – This includes places like Lacamas Lake Lodge and all park pavilions.

REMEMBER: Social distance always! (Jerry Acheson, Parks & Recreation Manager) 

Are bathrooms accessible? (04/06/2020)

ANSWER: No. All park bathrooms are currently closed. (Jerry Acheson, Parks & Recreation Manager) 


Mayor McDonnell, Finance Directory Cathy Huber Nickerson and Council Member Steve Hogan
discuss financial status and updates

Legacy Lands purchase and sale 

City has already borrowed 10m to fund purchase. When was that approved? When did you tell citizens the terms of that loan and see their approval? (04/06/2020)

ANSWER:  City Council authorized in Ordinance No. 20-002  the issuance of not to exceed $10.5 million in limited general obligation bonds at the January 21, 2020  Council Meeting. The Ordinance was published according to law in the 1/30/20 Camas-Washougal Post Record.  The terms of the bonds was discussed with City Council during the January 6, 2020 City Council Workshop.  (Cathy Huber Nickerson, Finance Director)

How much will everything cost us as taxpayers on Northside? Road improvements? Water and Sewer? EMS and Fire Station? (04/06/2020)

ANSWER:  There is existing water and sewer systems in Leadbetter Road that will in part serve the North Shore area. However, additional water and sewer system improvements specifically in the North Shore Area and throughout the systems will be needed to serve build-out. Likewise, there is a network of existing roads, including SR 500 that will also ultimately serve the North Shore. Similar to the water and sewer infrastructure, additional roads and intersection improvements will also be needed to serve build-out.

Links to our latest Transportation, Water, and Sewer Planning documents are provided below. These documents provide high-level analysis and cost projections for significant projects needed to serve build-out. Actual costs are not known at this time as it will vary widely depending on how the area is developed. The necessary infrastructure to serve North Shore has been incorporated in the City’s planning documents since the area was annexed in 2008 and the costs have been incorporated into the various Impact Fees, System Development Charges and rate structures. The infrastructure to be installed will likely be completed through a combination of developer and city led projects and a variety of funding – form both private and public sources.

Water System Plan

Sewer System Plan

Traffic Impact Fee Analysis

(Steve Wall, Public Works Director)

Utility Services Relief from City 

Can garbage services be shut down and water payments deferred, etc. for COVID-19 relief? (04/06/2020)

ANSWER:  The City will be rolling out utility bill assistance as well assistance for other businesses -- citywide. Within next week info will be going out to all customers. (Cathy Huber Nickerson, Finance Director)

What do you mean by a net-zero outcome of the Shop Local and Save program? (04/20/2020)

ANSWER:  The City has created two new programs to help Camas small businesses and residents during the COVID-19 crisis: 1) Support Local & Save and 2) Utility Relief. The first is net positive (it creates revenue for the City in the form of sales tax dollars), the second is net negative (it discounts residents' utility bills). City Council voted to move excess funds from one program to the other, creating a net-zero effect and helping all Camasonians. (Cathy Huber Nickerson, Finance Director)

News - Support Local and Save Challenge

News - Utility Relief

What is the Support Local and Save Challenge and how does it work? (04/06/2020)

News - Support Local and Save Challenge


Will the town halls have open dialog opportunities? (04/20/2020)

ANSWER: The recent town halls have been hosted by the Councilmembers in that ward. They have been postponed due to the COVID-19 health emergency and will be rescheduled at a later date. Those meetings generally have some specific topics on the agenda with most of the time for Q and A with citizens.  After the current health emergency passes, the Mayor and Councilmembers anticipate hosting town halls where citizens may ask questions and engage in dialog in a public forum.  Mayor McDonnell and the Councilmembers are looking forward to being able to meet with citizens again and engage in discussions on topics of interest to the citizens. (Mayor McDonnell and City Council Members)

Why can't citizens record the meetings on their own using Zoom? (04/20/2020)

ANSWER: This question was posed at the April 6 Council meeting and is answered below. (Sherry Coulter, Information Technology Director)

How is the City's new online meeting tool Zoom Webinar formatted and secured – why can’t citizens record the meeting using Zoom's app? (04/06/2020)

ANSWER:  With the recent surge of security breaches reported for Zoom (Zoombombing) in mind, our IT Department set up the meeting to accommodate the best virtual meeting environment for public meetings possible while also providing an easy, open opportunity for all citizen participation and comments in a secured online setting.  A toll free number (audio conferencing) was also established to accommodate those who choose to dial in, in lieu of using a mobile device or computer.   For additional security assurances - all non-essential Zoom tools including chat, chalkboard, annotations, external recordings, shared screens, etc., are disabled during these public meetings.  All meetings are recorded and made available in the City's meetings portal following each meeting (usually the next business day). (Sherry Coulter, Information Technology Director)

What public meetings can be held during the COVID-19 Pandemic? What public meetings are cancelled and where can I find information?  (04/06/2020)

Notice of Online Public Meetings  --  Watch Video   

COVID-19 Local Updates  
City Meetings Calendar 

If you do not find the meetings update you are looking for please contact City administration at 360-834-6864 or email administration@cityofcamas.us

For up-to-date information on the City's Local Response to COVID-ID: 
COVID-19 News and Community Information


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