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Thank you to the Newberg, Oregon for inspiring the City of Camas to launch a program to help support local businesses and utility customers at the same time. From April 10th through the end of May, utility customers that provide proof of purchase from a local business can earn credit on their City of Camas utility bill.


  • Customers make purchases from local businesses
  • Customers save their receipts that show the business name, date, and amount of purchase.
  • When they have a total of $25 in receipts (this could be one receipt or multiple), they are eligible to receive a $15 credit on their utility bill.
  • Customers can email their receipts to finance@cityofcamas.us, mail them to City of Camas Finance Department, 616 NE 4th Ave, Camas WA 98607, or drop them in the City Hall drop box.
  • All receipts must be accompanied by the customer’s full name or the name on the utility account, address, contact phone or email, and account number.
  • Customers may submit a total of $125 in receipts for a total savings of $75.
  • “Support Local & Save” will begin on April 10, 2020 and run through May 31, 2020, with review for extension as needed.



A local business is any business that is locally-owned, has fewer than 50 employees, and has a storefront located within the Camas City Limits. We encourage people to focus their support on the small, local businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The mailing address used by the US Postal Service does not correlate to the City's legal boundaries--a property can have a mailing address for one city but can be located within another city's legal boundaries. This is true for all businesses located along 192nd Avenue, for example, which are within Vancouver city limits despite having a Camas mailing address. These businesses would not qualify for the Camas program because their storefront is not located within Camas City Limits.
This program is for credit to any utility bill issued directly by the City of Camas.
We have many local businesses that have closed during the pandemic but continue to have an online presence. Any online or in-person purchase from a business with a local storefront will count towards the utility program.
The program is based on dollar amount, not number of receipts, so you can combine multiple receipts to reach the $25 increments of the program. We encourage you to spread your support to multiple businesses, but we ask that you do not submit your receipts until they reach an increment of $25.
You can earn up to $75 worth of credit towards an account.
Utility credits of $15 will be applied for every $25 spent. These can be combined in any $25 increment, even up to a single $125 purchase for the maximum $75 credit.
Only purchases made after the April 10th launch of the program will be counted.
The City will count any purchase made at a local business, without limits on what may be purchased.
Yes, we encourage all customers of the utility to support the local business community, regardless of customer type.
You may give your credit to another account if you would like, but please provide the account name and account number you would like to credit. Individual receipts may only be counted once for the program.
This program will begin April 10th and continue through the month of May. If the closure of local businesses is extended by the Governor, the City will reassess the program length and terms.
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