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New Catalog System in 2019

The Camas Public Library is excited to embark on a new way to serve its community, with a new catalog system that will provide many updated, fun and modern conveniences for our patrons. Part of this new direction means parting ways with the catalog we shared for many years with Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries (FVRL). The decision was not made lightly, nor was it made alone. Both independent library systems felt it was time to move forward with separate catalogs. The good news is that beginning in January 2019, all patrons will be eligible to receive reciprocal cards for both jurisdictions, which just means you can have both a Camas card and an FVRL card. Double the access to cool, free stuff, like instantaneous downloadable ebooks and audiobooks! The hard news is, there will be no more holds between our library branches, so if you would like an item from a Fort Vancouver branch, you’ll need to pick it up at one of their branches. But just last year, 81% of the items checked out at Camas Library were items owned by Camas Library—not books brought in on holds. And, in an effort to make our collection as complete as possible, we take requests! We will help you navigate this process at any time. We are here to serve. Thanks as always for your enduring support. For the most up-to-date information on the catalog changes as they come, please visit our Catalog News page.

-Camas Library Staff

2018 Things to Know

Reserving Books

You can reserve items from any library, however, if it's a Camas item, you must pick it up in Camas. If it's a Fort Vancouver item, you must choose a Fort Vancouver location to pick it up at. Please use our catalog.

If Camas Doesn't Own a Book You Want

If you want to pick the item up in Camas, but don't see what you want? We take requests! We will also work with InterLibrary Loan to find your item and make sure we get it for you here.


Until the end of the year, any returns can still be made at any library, no matter which library they belong to. In 2019, if any FVRL books are returned to us we will make sure to get them back to where they belong, but note that we won't be able to check them in to get them off your account!

Why the Change?

 The Camas City Council has considered the pros and cons of joining Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries several times throughout the years and have decided to remain independent. In order to remain independent and for both library systems to choose what is best for their patrons, the decision was made to leave the shared catalog. Both library systems felt it was time to move forward with their own catalogs. Having a shared catalog has many benefits, but being able to respond to the unique needs of the Camas community through our own catalog brings even more.

Facts About the New Catalog

Two Cards for Free

Anyone, regardless of if they live in the FVRL jurisdiction, or Camas city limits, will be able to get both a Camas library card and an FVRL library card. Bonus: this means you get the access to online resources including eBooks & audiobooks from both locations!

Search for Everything All At Once

When you look for books and DVDs, eBooks and eAudiobooks will also appear in your search results. You can download straight from there!

Community Profiles

Local organizations and groups can create profiles, so if you're interested in, say, beekeeping-- you'll see books, DVDs and also community groups that meet... all in your search results.

Suggest Purchases Online

If we don't have what you need, you can let us know through the catalog via the Suggestion for Purchase or InterLibrary Loan forms.

Virtual Bookshelves

Want to see what else we have on the shelf? Look up one book, then click "See Full Shelf". Browse the covers of our shelves in real time!

Review Your Books

Keep lists of what you've read, review them, post your picks to social media, and share with other Camas Library users.

Follow Your Favorite Reader

Find another library-goers or staff member who reads the same kind of books you like and follow their reviews and book lists!

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