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A Book Set in Camas?!

For today’s blog post we're going to focus on a novel that is actually set in Camas, Washington. Camas, WA? Featured in a novel?? Yes, it’s true! We’ll mostly set in Camas. I’m guessing many of you already know which novel I’m referring to. It’s The Brothers K. by David James Duncan. If you are looking for your next novel, I recommend you check it out.

The Brother’s K.

The Brothers K. follows the Chance family, who live in Camas in the early 1960s. The paper mill features prominently as the family patriarch is employed there. The story chronicles the family’s trials and tribulations with religion, baseball, and clashing ideals during a tumultuous time in the United States. It is a sweeping representation of these years. The book has garnered favorable reviews from various outlets including Buzzfeed, Wall Street Journal, and Kirkus.

Who is David James Duncan?

Profile Photo of James Duncan

The author David James Duncan was born in the Portland, Oregon and currently lives in the Lolo, Montana. While his best-known work is the The Brothers K., he is also a well-known essayist and environmental advocate. You can find his writings in many publications, including this 1998 essay in The Sun entitled “Who Owns the West?”.

Here’s an informative interview Duncan did in 2019 with Cutbank Literary Journal where he talks about his first novel, a forthcoming novel, and writing in general. There is also a video of a talk and interview Duncan did with Deschutes Public Library in 2006.

Check out his website to learn more about his first novel and his collections of essays on the environment and spirituality.

Already Read Brother’s K. and looking for Something Else?

Check out these other books Duncan from The Camas Public Library, as well as other novels that share traits with The Brother’s K.

-Elliot Stapleton, Library Associate
July 17, 2020

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