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See drone footage at https://vimeo.com/417658306/dc28fa540f. Over the last four weeks, contractors have completed several steps to lay the foundation for the rest of the project, including:

> Clearing and preparing the grade, which creates a level base for roundabout construction.

> Building a retaining wall on the west side of NE Everett Street, to accommodate road widening.

> Starting storm sewer improvements on NE Everett Street, beginning at the south end.

> Removing all previously identified trees and undergrowth (the stumps will be ground out later). Some trees, root wads, and logs, which will be used for landscape features and wood benches.

> Reassessing the chestnut tree, which is still healthy and strong despite the natural lean it has developed over the years.

> Performing minor pruning of the chestnut tree and ivy removal from its trunk to promote new vigor.

NEXT STEPS: During the end of May and into June, underground utilities will be relocated, and new asphalt will be placed to accommodate traffic as roundabout construction begins.


**For more on the project, visit the project page any time: www.cityofcamas.us/lakeroadconstruction


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