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Do you wonder what the City will look like in 20 or 30 years? 

These visions and plans for the future are found within the city's comprehensive plan documents which include: City of Camas Comprehensive Plan; City of Camas Capital Facilities Plan; the Park, Recreation and Open Space Comprehensive Plan; Camas Shoreline Master Program; Six-year Street Plan; and the Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan. Community Development Department is involved with maintaining these documents and is responsible for updating them as required by state statutes.

The state Growth Management Act (GMA) establishes many of the requirements for the city’s comprehensive planning documents. GMA establishes an overall goal to "ensure that those public facilities and services necessary to support development shall be adequate to serve the development at the time the development is available for occupancy and use without decreasing current service levels below locally established minimum standards" (RCW 36.70A.020). Amendments to these documents are prepared in accordance with direction provided by the City Council. Staff that work in long range planning; provide support to the City Council and Planning Commission in their roles of reviewing, recommending, and adopting the amendments. These long range planners must also coordinate with other agencies on regional planning issues, monitor legislative activity and undertake special projects as directed by the City Council. 

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