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From Camas Police Department – Some of you might be curious about last night’s noisy police event on Prune Hill. Here’s what happened:
At about 9 p.m. on the night of Mon., Jan. 20, Camas Police were called to check on a suspicious white van seen at a construction site near the 2000 block of NW 33rd Way. The van was leaving as police arrived. Police attempted to contact the van but it sped off. The van was found abandoned a short distance away near NW 44th Avenue and Sierra Drive. Neighbors reported seeing two people run away from it immediately after it parked. Police learned that the van was reported stolen from a Battle Ground daycare three days prior and was now filled with stolen construction materials. Police set up containment and initiated a K9 (police dog) track.
K9 tracks tend to be noisy events. Police typically set up a perimeter and use lights and sirens in an effort to contain the suspects while the dog tacks their scent. Camas residents probably saw multiple police cars and heard intermittent siren blasts while this was taking place last night.
Unfortunately, police were unable to locate these suspects. It is believed that they likely got a ride out of the area from a different vehicle after they fled on foot. The stolen van and building materials will be returned to their owners.
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